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UC Santa Cruz issued a revised draft environmental impact report [here] for Student Housing West on September 17.  The new Revised Draft EIR fully replaces the previously draft and incorporates changes in response to CEQA-related comments received on the previous draft EIR. In many cases, we summarized and combined similar comments together, and made changes and provided explanations related to these comments in their respective sections of the Revised Draft EIR.

Although part of the administrative record, comments on our previously issued draft EIR do not require a written response in the final EIR under the Guidelines for Implementation for CEQA.  New comments must be submitted for the revised Draft EIR no later than November 1, 2018 at: University of California Santa Cruz, Attn:  EIR Comment, 1156 High Street, Mailstop:  PPDO, Santa Cruz, CA 95064.  Comments mail also be submitted via email at  

At the close of the current period, we will respond to new CEQA-related comments received during the Revised Draft EIR public comment period. For additional information, please see our FAQ section [here].


Our collaborative approach will focus on the collective good of the student body, the University and the wider community. We will collaborate to achieve a project that:

  • Improves the student experience and quality of life.
  • Meets or exceeds stated housing affordability goals.
  • Is sensitive to and focused on the preservation of the unique geography, geology, climate and landscape of UC Santa Cruz.
  • Is designed and constructed to convey and enhance the unique qualities of UC Santa Cruz.
  • Is planned to integrate into the fabric of the existing campus while maintaining an identity as a unique campus community.
  • Sets a new standard for its approach to sustainability and resource management.
  • Provides spaces and programs that embrace, embody, and enhance the UC Santa Cruz culture.
  • Supports the current and future strategic and administrative goals of UC Santa Cruz.


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