Why Student Housing West?

  • Our mission and values are entirely centered on student success.
  • Housing is key to student success. Students living in campus housing are more likely to persist and graduate, according to many studies that look at factors influencing student success.
  • COVID has only exacerbated the UCSC student housing crisis. Our students and their families have been impacted by COVID. They will return to campus in an even more difficult financial position.This plan, with a certified EIR, is the best viable path forward to address the urgent need for near-term, affordable and dependable student housing for the existing student population and to close the equity gap among our students in their ability to succeed.
  • No other currently available option will secure affordable housing faster. The campus has studied alternatives, all of which do not make as much programmatic sense, would delay housing construction by years, and all of which would cost more for our students.
  • Quality and affordable family housing is urgently needed. Our students include traditional-aged undergraduate students, but also non-traditional students and students with families. UCSC family housing is occupied almost equally by undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Accessibility of childcare services is critical to the retention and recruitment of faculty, staff and students. New and centrally located childcare facilities will allow us to provide childcare services for the children of employees in addition to our students and at a location that is more readily accessible to area schools and other services.
  • Reduces the housing pressure in Santa Cruz County. Santa Cruz remains in a housing crisis and this project will reduce housing demand in the community. Once complete, approximately 2,000 existing students will no longer be seeking housing in the greater region.
  • Advances campus sustainability. The project includes an innovative recycled water system that will collect, treat and reuse 100% of the wastewater generated from the development along Heller. Recycled water will be used to supply 100% of non-potable water uses, including toilets and irrigation, helping the system to achieve the project’s net-zero water goal.
  • Maintaining the spirit of campus and what makes it special. We recognize and take seriously the historical plans for campus and alumni and community members’ affection for the East Meadow. This project, while it does not leave the space untouched, will not alter the ethos of the campus and we will work painstakingly to ensure that it doesn’t. We know it is the beauty of our campus and the individuals who are drawn to it that make it special.
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