Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we have heard regarding Student Housing West: its origin, location, and other details.


Public-Private Partnerships

  • Is it true that the developer will own the facilities?
  • Is the developer financing the project?
  • Won't the developer retain all the rental profits from the housing, and therefore don’t they have an incentive to escalate rental rates?
  • What is to prevent the developer from increasing rental rates in an effort to increase their profit?
  • How is the partnership with Capstone Development Partners?


  • What was the origin of the Student Housing West project?
  • If the project was originally envisioned to be developed in the west, then why is part of the program now being sited at the intersection of Hagar and Coolidge?
  • Did the developers pick the Hagar site?
  • Did you seek any feedback on the Hagar and Coolidge site and who made the decision to select this site?
  • Why is current family student housing being replaced and was that a last minute decision?
  • These are a lot of new beds in a short amount of time. What evidence do you have that there is sufficient demand?
  • Why is the density of FSH so low?
  • Why aren’t we building on more of each site?


  • How has student input been incorporated in the Student Housing West project?
  • How have you communicated information about the project?
  • How did you communicate about the change in siting to Hagar and Coolidge?



  • Will the facilities be sustainable and support the campus’s aggressive sustainability goals?
  • Are you developing in protected landscape?