In March of 2017 the campus solicited proposals for the development and management of a 50-acre site on the western edge of the campus that included the site of the existing Family Student Housing and Early Education Services Center (EESC) facility.

During the late phases of the developer solicitation / selection process new environmental information was discovered, which reduced the developable area on the 50-acre site. This new information drove the need to reevaluate the project site, the environmental constraints, and related sensitivities. The campus concluded that reducing the size of the site to 13 acres (current developed area of Family Student Housing – the Heller Site) would ensure the protection and preservation of these environmental resources.

After extensive investigation of the site density and building scale required on the resulting 13 -acre Heller site, an exploration of alternatives was undertaken with consideration for:

  • Land with a designation that was appropriate for future use within the 2005 LRDP
  • Environmental constraints on alternate “available” sites
  • Available infrastructure across the campus
  • General “build-ability” of alternate sites
  • Preferred student adjacencies and community programs
  • The history of campus development plans demonstrated in all previous LRDPs

Proposed Heller site, including 6 residential buildings and amenity Hubs

This resulted in a campus decision to include two sites as part of the SHW project. The second property consists of approximately 17 acres of a 20+ acre site on the southernmost portion of the east meadow at the intersection of Coolidge and Hagar Roads (Hagar Site). Adding the Hagar Site provides the opportunity to develop a more appropriately designed family student housing community and an adjacent Early Education Services Center facility that is proximate to other campus families, and separate from the SHW project’s undergraduate and graduate housing components.

Proposed Hagar site plan for Family Student Housing and Early Education Services Center.

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Video: The Critical Need for Housing and Childcare Services at UC Santa Cruz.