We are committed to protecting the natural resources and are working to maintain an ecological balance.

Our team is working toward aggressive sustainability goals.  We seek to achieve LEED certification at one or two levels above that required by UC sustainability practices. We also have a goal of achieving Triple-Net-Zero increases across the development (zero net increases associated with energy consumption, water use and waste generation beyond current levels).

Achieving these net-zero energy, water and waste objectives follows a simple formula: efficient buildings and site utilization, innovative infrastructure and demand management.  Use less energy, use less water, consume less materials. Modern green building design has made tremendous strides to use less.

Achieving net zero increases requires more. Innovative infrastructure, like renewable energy, sewer heat recovery and water recycling allow developments to push beyond the level of performance achievable through efficiency alone. Demand management systems, including smart metering, catalytic communication technology (dashboards, website, social media) further help inform and influence the effort.