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University extends draft EIR public comment period

In March 2018, the University published the Student Housing West Project Draft EIR, which was circulated for agency and public comment for an initial period of 45 days that ended on May 11, 2018. The public comment period was then extended for an additional 47 days, which ended on June 27, 2018. In light of changes to the project since the publication of the Draft EIR, and to provide additional analysis and clarification on several topics as requested in comments on the Draft EIR, the University has decided to publish a Revised Draft EIR for the revised project for agency and public review. The Revised Draft EIR replaces in full the previously published Draft EIR. A link to the Draft EIR is provided below. Copies are also available for review at the Downtown Branch of the Santa Cruz Public Library, 224 Church St.

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